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Motorola DEP250 VHF 136-174 Mhz LAH87JDC9JA2AN 4W

Motorola DEP250 VHF 136-174 Mhz LAH87JDC9JA2AN 4W

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Radio Motorola DEP250 Digital LAH87YDC9JA2AN UHF 403-480 MHz con buen alcance, con sus accesorios, software de programación, instrucciones, ficha técnica en PDF y manual, encuéntralo a buen precio en nuestro mercado.
  • Cumple con los estándares de Radio Móvil Digital (DMR)
  • 16 canales.
  • Alcance promedio en ambiente urbano hasta 1km dependiendo de la estructura urbana (cantidad y altura de las edificaciones).
  • Comunicación de voz análoga y digital.
  • Anuncio de voz.
Se puede trabajar en modo análogo y/o digital. Desempeño óptimo en las siguientes áreas: construcciones, seguridad, centros comerciales, hoteles, fincas, empresas de transporte, ensambladoras de vehículos, industrias medias, estadios, entre otro.

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The MOTOTRBO DEP 250 will be your new option. This series enhances communication efficiency and is easy to use. This practical radio has been designed and manufactured for professionals.

Experience MOTOTRBO digital voice communications, trusted today by millions of users for their excellent voice quality and performance. This will enable your business to effectively reduce operating costs while maintaining a high productivity level.

The MOTOTRBO DEP 250 radio is easy to use and upgrade with existing analog systems. If your company is thinking about migrating to a digital system, these new digital radios are compatible with both analog and digital modes. Accessory compatibility ensures that you can keep using the batteries, antennas and chargers, further protecting your investment.

In environments with high equipment requirements or extended work shifts, the digital radios outperform analog radios and can ensure clear voice communications.

The MOTOTRBO DEP 250 radio offers the benefits of digital technology –  40% longer talk-time, twice the voice capacity at 12.5 kHz bandwidth and better audio performance as compared to analog radios. Your MOTOTRBO radio will provide clearer voice communications throughout the entire calling range, eliminating the static and background noise typical of analog models.

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